Were at war

Dear Gwendolyn III,


It seems were here in New York are at war, same with the rest of the colonies, the so called  “Continental Congress” as declared independence from the crown and has taken arms against the king, they have named  this George Washington commander and chief of the army which is no more then the untrained local militia which are more loyal to the colonies of there birth than that of a unified “America”.

Personally  I see this war over by Christmas and I wouldn’t be surprised if George Washington and his lot were dragged from their mothers chambers to be hanged for high treason, even with that in mind I must implore you to stay in London until it’s safe for you to return here, I have arranged a room for you at my cousins estate untill this war is over

Loving (insert male family member)

April 22 , 1773


the american Genocide

In any Holocaust there are steps a Government must take to make a people go away either in the dark of night or proudly in the streets.stage 1. definition: the Native Americans were defined as others or less than European whites giving a sense of superiority to European settlers.Stage 2. Isolation: Once individuals were labeled as native americans they were separated from mainstream society or disallowed to join in the beginning, hence no use of European buildings, goods, use of educational system. They could not go  to same churches after forcible conversion(some cases mainly spanish colonies) a segregation before jim crow.Stage 3. Emigration: Native Americans are encouraged to leave the colonies. With the settling west of the Appalachian mountains and later all land east of the Mississippi the americans/colonist/europeans apply their racial laws to the territories forcing more natives to emigrate out wards.Stage 4/5. Ghettoization/deportation: Natives are forcibly removed to segregated sections of western united states called reservations (ghettos.) which were death camps for naives then and now.Stage 6. Mass murder: the forcible ghettoization of natives and the final battles in the west sounded the end of a nation the end of a people the end of a dream and the start of a nightmare: the life of a native in White america.

ps whats up my quindeles and magic ponies are REAL.

“A letter from Rhode island”

My Dearest Gwendolyn


It has been nearly a year since a year since I left home to this colony of Rhode island a name  attributed to its likeness to the Greek island of Rhodes.I have been excepted into the Ship Rites company as a associate due to my owning of all the  local taverns providing Ample supply of entertainment to the builders and they provide me with speedy delivery of my products which only makes the builders spend even more of their pay in my establishment.

Now about the colony as i know you are wondering why it is we do here, mainly substance farming and cutting down trees.